Get to know.. Dubsmash

Dubsmash logo

Dubsmash is a video messaging application for iOS and Android. Using the application, users can choose an audio recording of a well known quote from a list and record a video of themselves in which they dub the quote. Dubsmash app officially launched on November 19th 2014.
Dubsmash sells itself as a messaging app: “the fun way to communicate”.
The idea is that you select an appropriate quote from a range of categories…then share, by message, on WhatsApp, or by uploading to Vine or Instagram.
1. Choose a famous quote
2. Record a video on it
3. Send the dubbed video to your friends

Watch Out! Cyberbullying Requires Your Attention!

Watch Out!

Couple of weeks ago “exactly the third week of November” was the Bullying Awareness Week. This national campaign, which aims to raise awareness about bullying amongst students in Canada, dragged my attention to very important matter; how we are as adults and parents are concerned to protect young people all the time wherever they are.

Never dream that your responsibility limits may stop by school gates, as parents we keep thinking about our kids wherever they are at school, playing, sleeping, studying or social networking!

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Get To Know- Hashtag#

Get to Know- Hashtag#

Get to Know- Hashtag#

All of us have heard the word “hashtag” a lot. Maybe you even have used it. But do you know what is the hashtag is? The hashtag symbol or pound sign (#) precedes a word or phrase to identify messages on a specific topic and to categorize those posts  and help them show more easily in Search.

Twitter was the first social network began to use Hashtags in 2009 and to hyperlink all hashtags in tweets to Twitter search results for the hashtagged word. Then it introduced “Trending Topics” on the Twitter front page, displaying hashtags that are rapidly becoming popular.

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Internet Slang and Lingo For Teens and Tweens

Internet Slang and Lingo For Teens and Tweens

Internet Slang and Lingo For Teens and Tweens


Chatting with my 14 years old nephew has turned creepy recently because of the numerous abbreviations he uses while texting. I’ve tried to catch up with those acronyms and shortened words, but it’s really confusing. I can understand that using this kind of slang shortened words are easier than typing everything out and they still get the same point across. It just needs that the person who receives the message “unfortunately was me” understands them.

It may look weird for us as parents to use “totes” instead of “totally”,  however we have to admit that Language has changed a lot since the time we were teens. We have had our “code” language too, which doesn’t exist anymore. So as a parent, it’s important to be able to communicate with your kid and to understand and be aware of their activity online as well as in real life.

Though it’s difficult to keep up with the new language specially if you aren’t using it every day by texting your friends, it’s possible to learn some of the new way of communicating so that you can at least understand what your teen is talking about. Continue reading

Get To Know – Twitter


Do you know that Twitter is now the second largest social network on the web? So what is Twitter? Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called “tweets”. Registered users can read and post tweets, but unregistered users can only read them.

What is a Tweet? A Tweet is an expression of a moment or idea. It can contain text, photos, and videos. Millions of Tweets are shared in real time, every day.

Where do Tweets live? When you follow people, their Tweets instantly show up in your timeline. Similarly, your Tweets show up in your followers’ timelines. To see interesting Tweets, follow interesting people: friends, celebrities, news sources, or anyone whose Tweets you enjoy. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Parents Should NOT AVOID Social Media

Parents Should Engage in Social Media

Parents Should NOT AVOID Social Media

Following to my previous post on Parenting Styles Avoid Social Media, I’ve found it crucial to ask ourselves: does it really matter to get engaged in social media as a parent and why? Parents avoid social media have their own specific reasons, some of their reasons include:  being too busy with so tight schedules, a number of them are considering privacy issues, some thought social media is just a fad won’t last long, while others feel social media is for those from the younger generations and it would be so much for them to learn such technologies.

Whatever the reason that keeps you away from social media is, no one can deny that our kids are growing up along  with an evolving world of social media. They’re into social media with all their hearts, it turned out to be major part of their lives. So It’s not a question of when, how or why, but rather ‘are we willing to entirely join our kids’ world online as well as offline, do we love them to the extent not to consider any concerns ?!’ Yes we do, it truly matters, isn’t? – Cool your jets; here are 5 reasons why we should do so:

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Parenting Styles Avoid Social Media

Parenting Styles Avoid Social Media

Parenting Styles Avoid Social Media

In order to dig deeper into parents-kids social media arena; I had to have many talks with a lot of parents to find out how they think about social media and how technology-savvy parents are they. I’ve expected some of those feedback, while others shocked me. There are many reasons why many parents refuse to get caught up in the trend of social media depending each parent’s style. Some of the styles I’ve met were:

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Get To Know- Blogs Vs Websites

Blogs vs. Websites

Blogs vs. Websites

Are you confused about the difference between a blog and a website, many do!

That’s true there are many similarities between both of them, but there are also several major differences.

So, simply what a Blog is? – A blog is a series of content called “posts or entries ” that are usually organized by date with the most recent post showing first or by category for easier browsing. At the end of every post, there is comment form that allow the readers to give the writer ” blogger”  feedback and interact with other readers.

Blogs (taken from “web logs”) were originally created for personal journaling. Recently people use them to replace websites, in some cases, they do own both. Blogs are best when you have a topic that compels you to write fresh information on a consistent basis. That’s why a lot of news-oriented websites are moving toward blogs.

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Get To Know- Web Monitoring Alert Services

Alert services let you track people, brands, companies, events, and just about anything that interests you.

There are many of monitoring services on market, The following are some of the most popular ENTRY LEVEL free tools that you may use:

Google Alert:GoogleAlertsLogo_zps4a5df001

Google Alert is an automated Web search service that can help people and businesses monitor the Internet for developments and activities that could concern them. Results are sent to subscribers by e-mail. Google Alert began its operations in January 2003. The service is provided by Indigo Stream Technologies in cooperation with Google, the most popular search engine.

Google Alert can, for example, track new online appearances of a person’s name, a business name, or a particular Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Individuals can use the service to monitor what is said about them on the Web.

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