Parenting Styles Avoid Social Media

Parenting Styles Avoid Social Media

Parenting Styles Avoid Social Media

In order to dig deeper into parents-kids social media arena; I had to have many talks with a lot of parents to find out how they think about social media and how technology-savvy parents are they. I’ve expected some of those feedback, while others shocked me. There are many reasons why many parents refuse to get caught up in the trend of social media depending each parent’s style. Some of the styles I’ve met were:

1.The Too Busy Style

This style of parents, who work full-time jobs and extended hours, admit clearly “We’re Already Too Busy”. They spend all day staring at screens, working for long hours, fulfilling home and family chores and not willing to get back to home to more screen staring and social networking following.

Maybe they need to know that  there are ways to use time more effectively and we all need to “work smarter, not harder.

2. The Outdated Style

Considerable number of parents believe ” it’s not for us” , explaining  that social media is for those from the younger generations, and that is so much to learn such dizzying technologies they are not aware of. They don’t know how to engage and don’t even want to try that wild world of social media!

 It’s ridiculous, you don’t have to be a programmer or writing code to use social media. If you can type with your fingers and click, you can use social media! There are many applications out there to make your experience friendly and easy.  

3. The Over-Cautious Style

Those who care about privacy issues a lot and have serious concerns to put their personal information in the care of others, no matter how trustful their stewardship, that may increase the risk of that information getting into the hands of third parties. The Over-Cautious  parent style believes that their image ,which is defined by their words, once gone, that private piece of our lives, can never be retrieved.

It’s fact that privacy issues should be a major concern for everyone use social media, but just because it CAN be a risk does not mean that it HAS to be! All we need is wisely usage of those networks.  

4. The Skeptical Style

Some parents consider social media as just a fad that won’t last forever. They believe it’s just a flash in the pan, something new will be showing up soon. So simply they decided not to try to keep up as this would be just a waste of time to try to figure out how to do it then to find out it’s it’s already yesterday’s news.

I would say to skeptical and doubter parents; social media isn’t just a passing fad and there’s a lot of data to prove it. Do you think that companies which invest millions of dollars in creating a presence on the Internet, and see social media as an important part of that investment are just wasting their money? Definitely they’re on to something!

How about you?

Do you share some of these concerns? Do you have other objections? Or have you come to rely on social networking as a means of enriching your life and your kids life? Share your thoughts with us.


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