5 Reasons Why Parents Should NOT AVOID Social Media

Parents Should Engage in Social Media

Parents Should NOT AVOID Social Media

Following to my previous post on Parenting Styles Avoid Social Media, I’ve found it crucial to ask ourselves: does it really matter to get engaged in social media as a parent and why? Parents avoid social media have their own specific reasons, some of their reasons include:  being too busy with so tight schedules, a number of them are considering privacy issues, some thought social media is just a fad won’t last long, while others feel social media is for those from the younger generations and it would be so much for them to learn such technologies.

Whatever the reason that keeps you away from social media is, no one can deny that our kids are growing up along  with an evolving world of social media. They’re into social media with all their hearts, it turned out to be major part of their lives. So It’s not a question of when, how or why, but rather ‘are we willing to entirely join our kids’ world online as well as offline, do we love them to the extent not to consider any concerns ?!’ Yes we do, it truly matters, isn’t? – Cool your jets; here are 5 reasons why we should do so:

  1. Best way to get along with your kids

I’ve learned that “The secret to effective communication is to go where your audience is”, so I believe that social media is just the right place that I can use to reach out and engage with my kids. social media will make it easier for you sometimes to deliver your message in more innovative way. Let’s say,  you want to back up your kid and encourage him for something, you can send an ‘encouragement note’ by text or a photo with a comment saying, ‘I love you’. Also you may share inspiring videos or posts you know they in a need to it. You can ‘like’ and ‘share’ their posts and comment positively on them, play online game together, share their favorite podcast or music video. If you think about it, it’s really a gift for parents to further connect with their kids that our parents couldn’t have even imagined.

2.    Intelligent approach to monitor without invading their world

Being part of your kids’ network gives you golden opportunity to check what they do to make sure they are on the right track. It’s less about invading their online hangouts and spying on their activities than it is about building relationship. The researchers identified the need for parents to remain up to date with the technology their children are using in order to understand and mediate their children’s use of the internet and social media.

3.   To present a realistic model of online appropriate behavior

Always, your kids will do what you do not what you are telling them to do! So I believe it would be a great chance, to be there on their networks, to model their appropriate behavior in digital world by seeing how we do behave and interact. It would be the best practical lesson without any need to direct teaching or instructing.

4.   Our kids love to feel we are there for them

Our kids are living in a world far different from when most of us lived. They need us to show them the way. I’m not claiming we know the answers, or even that we will lead them, but we need to be there along the way. They need us to help them navigate and learn with them as times change and evolve.  They need us to be able to help them answer questions they have. They need us to be able to understand them and their world.

5.   Simply because it’s social media era

You have to catch up with today’s social media technologies not only for the emotional needs of our kids but also for educational causes. Today, schools are using social media a lot too; through Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, text messages. Instant updates, newsletters, correspondences and announcements are sent regularly to parents. Not only that, but a number of schools are also providing parents access to Web portals where they can work on online assignments, get resources, see their children’s grades on school assignments, etc… So it’s not a choice anymore!

I know it can be creepy for some people to try new things, and there is no doubt that Social Media can be a bit scary, for many reasons, but when it comes to our kids’ own goodness, I believe it’s really worth it. Parents can’t afford to ignore those new technologies or remain oblivious of how kids are connecting today. If we are not involved in social media, we are losing connection with our kids and we are losing our ability to help them in their future endeavors.


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