Why “Step into Social Media Arena!”?

Many of us as adults and parents are getting  freaked out about what’s going on social networking sites, as we’re hearing stories about hacking, predators and privacy all the time. You’re probably there just to socialize with your friends, talk to people with similar interests,  share what’s going on in your life, work or make business. But plenty of teens and kids have gotten into trouble on these sites by posting inappropriate pictures and comments, and meeting people in person they know nothing about except what’s online.

I’ll be searching here and there to gather as much information from a wide variety of sources to learn and to share with you. Tips for kids and teens, simplified definitions and terms for little beginners will be included as well as articles and important websites  for both parents and kids.


 Content Policy

All content provided on this blog is for informational and introductory  purposes only. Posts represent my understanding and point of view. I do my own research on topics I’m blogging about, yet I cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or validity of any information found on this blog.

I do reserve the right to edit or delete any comments submitted to this blog without notice if any of the comments deemed to be spam or questionable spam, including profanity, containing language or concepts that could be deemed offensive, or attack a person individually.

Enjoy Reading!


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