Internet Slang and Lingo For Teens and Tweens

Internet Slang and Lingo For Teens and Tweens

Internet Slang and Lingo For Teens and Tweens


Chatting with my 14 years old nephew has turned creepy recently because of the numerous abbreviations he uses while texting. I’ve tried to catch up with those acronyms and shortened words, but it’s really confusing. I can understand that using this kind of slang shortened words are easier than typing everything out and they still get the same point across. It just needs that the person who receives the message “unfortunately was me” understands them.

It may look weird for us as parents to use “totes” instead of “totally”,  however we have to admit that Language has changed a lot since the time we were teens. We have had our “code” language too, which doesn’t exist anymore. So as a parent, it’s important to be able to communicate with your kid and to understand and be aware of their activity online as well as in real life.

Though it’s difficult to keep up with the new language specially if you aren’t using it every day by texting your friends, it’s possible to learn some of the new way of communicating so that you can at least understand what your teen is talking about. Continue reading


How about setting social media guidelines for our children?

Setting Social Media Guidlines

How about setting social media guidelines for our children?

As a mom for a ten-years daughter, it worries me a lot how my daughter would be engaged in social media. She is not that much into social networking  till this moment, as she still under 13, however many of her friends are. Every single day she is wondering about one or two of those everyday-popping-up social networks, applications and terms. So it took me a considerable amount of time thinking  and researching to find out replies to her inquires, but here I would like to start with creating  social media guidelines.

I believe that Internet can provide a wealth of knowledge, interaction and entertainment to our children, but it can also leaving them vulnerable and exposed to danger by compulsive sharing online. It needs a lot of understanding and open dialogues with children making sure they keep up with the latest social media trends and to work with them rather than trying to control them.

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