5 Reasons Why Parents Should NOT AVOID Social Media

Parents Should Engage in Social Media

Parents Should NOT AVOID Social Media

Following to my previous post on Parenting Styles Avoid Social Media, I’ve found it crucial to ask ourselves: does it really matter to get engaged in social media as a parent and why? Parents avoid social media have their own specific reasons, some of their reasons include:  being too busy with so tight schedules, a number of them are considering privacy issues, some thought social media is just a fad won’t last long, while others feel social media is for those from the younger generations and it would be so much for them to learn such technologies.

Whatever the reason that keeps you away from social media is, no one can deny that our kids are growing up along  with an evolving world of social media. They’re into social media with all their hearts, it turned out to be major part of their lives. So It’s not a question of when, how or why, but rather ‘are we willing to entirely join our kids’ world online as well as offline, do we love them to the extent not to consider any concerns ?!’ Yes we do, it truly matters, isn’t? – Cool your jets; here are 5 reasons why we should do so:

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